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Enterprise Europe Network
Ve Struhách 27, 160 00 Praha 6

Services, consultancy, assistance

Services of the Enterprise Europe Network at the Centre for Regional Development of the Czech Republic include specific consultancy and information on the Single Market and the potential for increasing the competitiveness of companies.

Services of the EEN at the CRD CR

  • Providing information on business environment in EU countries
  • Informing on EU and Czech programmes and projects
  • Consultancy in the sphere of European legislation
  • Mediation of participation in trade exchanges and matchmaking events organised to support international cooperation of companies MBM For Arch 2017
  • Publishing the offers/inquiries of companies in the global Partnering Opportunities Database
  • Forwarding the entrepreneurs' opinions to the European Commission
  • Organising technical seminars, trainings or conferences on topical business issues
  • Preparing tailored information for entrepreneurs

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MBM FOR ARCH 2017, 22nd September 2017, Praha, Czech Republic


Procedures for Value Added Tax for Services Connected with Immovable Property in Particular EU Member States (27) (.pdf, 675 kB)

The aim of the brochure is to inform about Value Added Tax (VAT) procedures for services connected with immovable property in all EU Member States. Each state covers: information about particular Act on VAT with appropriate link (the act in is the most cases available only in the respective national language), information about particular articles (which deal with place of supply of services connected with immovable property and with the procedure for payment of VAT) and short conclusions.

Contact: Mrs. Jitka Rysava, rysava@crr.cz


How to provide cross-border services and post workers (.pdf, 1100 kB), last update from September 2014

Thepublication presented to you by the Enterprise Europe Network, hostedby the Centre for Regional Development of the CR, focuses on thetransnational provision of services in Germany and Austria, but alsodeals more generally with the related legal and tax issues and toucheson the rules in other EU Member States. It provides a basic overview ofhow to proceed in highly specific cases and also, thanks to the greatquantity of references to specific forms and sources of importantinformation, enables the correct procedure to be rapidly found andapplied.

Contact: Mrs. Jitka Rysava, rysava@crr.cz